DEAD END – Children allotted RTE seats in defunct schools

May 18 2017 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad)
 In a strange farce, several parents have learnt that their children had been granted admission under RTE in schools that had ceased operations.

On Wednesday, some parents registered a complaint alleging that three schools -one each in Gota, Raipur and Thaltej -in which their children were granted admissions had closed down.

Rakesh Chauhan’s son, Indra, was granted admission under RTE at Atman International School in Gota.

“I went to various schools for two days consecutively.Then I learnt that the school had shut operations,“ Chauhan said.

Mahesh Mehta, incharge District Education Officer (DEO), said that his office had received 2-3 three complaints about schools that had actually closed down.

“The database of schools was obtained by the state government around six months ago. Certain schools might have shut down without noti fying the government,“ Mehta said.

Around 40-50 students had failed to get admission because the schools had ceased operations.“We are looking into the matter and will ensure that the students get admission in other schools in the same area,“ Mehta said.


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